Safety, Security, and Neighborly respect

Casa Mono Congo
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

House Rules - Policies
Please call us for more information
US phone +1 773-472-7127 • CR PHone +506 2417-3286

Respect our neighbors

We want you to have a wonderful time at Casa Mono Congo, but we ask that you respect our neighbors (animal, vegetable, and humans) and keep the sound levels appropriate.


The house is non-smoking, but if you wish to partake in smoking, we ask that you do it outside on the terraces. This will protect future guests who are easily affected by smoke.

Guests' guests

Our contract specifies that only those people on the contract are allowed to spend the night at the house. You may have guests or new-found-friends over to the house, but please be careful. As anywhere in the world, there are people who can appear friendly and will abuse that friendship in a heartbeat. The rule-of-thumb is to invite into the house only those whom you would invite into your own personal home.


We provide safes free-of-additional-charges for your protection. Laptops of 15" width will fit in them (but why bring your work with you? You're on vacation!) The house has wi-fi high-speed internet for your use - but we also provide a computer so you don't have to bring yours with you.

There is no place to dress up fancy here - it's a beach town. So, leave your jewelry, tuxes, and formal wear at home.

When you leave the home (and even while you're there) please leave your passports, ipods, wallets, etc., in the safes. This will protect them from getting misplaced and you'll know exactly where everything is. (How many times have you misplaced your keys in your own home where you know where everything is?)

Going out

While we provide a night-time guard and daily workers, we expect you to take care of our home like you would your own. Please lock all doors and non-secure windows each and everytime you leave the home. We enjoy our neighbors, but it's too easy to fall into the "paradise" syndrom where because everything is so beautiful and peaceful, the locals are so happy and helpful, that you forget your normal personal protection habits. If you don't leave your own home unlocked when you leave, please don't differently while you're here (this goes for leaving valuables - cameras, ipods, phones - visible in your rental car as well - if it's seen it'll be gone.)

I have to start before we arrived.  Pete and Terry worked with us over the phone and Internet.  We felt “taken care of” from this point forward.  Not only does this home meet the representations on the Internet, it exceeds the quality of accommodations found in many areas of Mexico, Central & South America.  To have A/C, TV, views, private pool and modern furnishings in this area was so relaxing and enjoyable.  We, like the previous visitors, found the proximity to nature to be rewarding and religious.  Thomas was great, as was the other staff.  But, we would have enjoyed more privacy.  Thank you for sharing this home, your great taste and your knowledge of Costa Rica.
This place is off the hook!  I saw monkeys every day and was lucky enough to see sloth on one occasion.  Keep your eyes peeled, she is up there. 
- Huelle Group – Flagstaff AZ USA