Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most bio-diverse parks in the world. Come visit us at Casa Mono Congo and you can see most of the animals right from our home.

Casa Mono Congo
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Why Manuel Antonio?
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Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park has 683 hectares (1,687 acres) of land and covers 55,000 hectares (135,900 acres) of marine reserve. It is one of the smallest National Parks in Costa Rica, however it has the most human visitors because the residents of Manuel Antonio are so varied (it is well known to be one of the most biodiverse parks on this planet.) The current count shows there are 109 mammal species and 350 bird species. The endangered mono tití (squirrel monkey) is frequently seen by visitors in the park (and almost daily at our Casa Mono Congo). You'll also see white faced and howler monkeys, two and three toed sloths, coati mundis and others in the racoon family, and various reptile species.

It is has primary and secondary tropical forests (tropical lowland wet forest.)

Inside the park, there are three beaches where you can swim safely. They're horseshoe shaped beaches protected by land and they're excellent for snorkeling and viewing the coral and sponges. (If there has been a recent rain, the water visibility is greatly diminished.)

The park is open Tuesday - Sunday (closed Mondays) and costs $6 to enter. In the high season, they do limit the number of visitors, so make sure you arrive early.

The neighborhood of Manuel Antonio is filled with activies, fine restaurants, casinos, world-class spas and world-class sport fishing. There is a 2km long beach called Playa Espadilla Sur that has great swimming areas and an area for beginning and intermediate surfing. There is another hidden beach called Bisantz beach that offers a great cove. A couple miles north and south offer advanced surfing areas.

When your grandmother, who is 90 and an adventurer of the most insistent kind, wants to go on vacation to Costa Rica, there are not many things that will keep her from it. It doesn't hurt to have the company of those she has influenced. We are here because the spirit of wonder (or sometimes wander) has already been passed down to the daughters and granddaughters.
Sarah and her friend, Joe, found this Casa far the rest of the family on one of their previous trips to this country. Perhaps the aura of hospitality was all too much of a lure for them and is now so for us. This country is a place of natural beauty and ecological awe, but most of all it is of its people. We are very grateful for all of the people who have shared their experiences with us to make a grand frame in our memories.
While we were here:
Chorus of toucans on the first day
Many (perhaps all) mono sightings - from our own deck
Birds to tell us when the sun is up.
Sloths "hanging" around on the top of the driveway and across the valley (east).
Sunset echoes from "the crow's nest" [top floor covered terrace]
Buena fruta y comida casa dia.
- there are more, many more.
I don't know that things will conspire so that we are able to return to Casa Mono Congo, but we will recall that this has fostered our curiosities - so further travel is inevitable.
-Pura Vida - Kimberly - Madison, WI; Alice, Jeanne - Wainakee, WI; Denise, John, Sarah, & Joe - Sheboygan Falls, WI