We at ItsMyCasa believe strongly in creating as small a ecological footprint as is possible.

Our goal is to support groups that we have found that help the flora and fauna to recover from the damages done by rapid development.

We encourage our guests to enjoy our natural surroundings while supporting ecological groups that keep our eco-tourism sustainable.

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Casa Mono Congo
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Tití Conservation Alliance (formerly ASCOMOTI)

Titi Conservation Alliance

ItsMyCasa.com, owner of Casa Mono Congo and Casa Mono Tití, is a proud sponsor of the Tití Conservation Alliance, a non-profit organization with the mission of saving the endangered tití monkey through the promotion of sustainable development and conservation of the biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Region.

The Tití Conservation Alliance was started in 2001 by a group of concerned business owners within the Quepos/Manuel Antonio community; and today maintains its successful accomplishments through business and individual memberships, as well as outside donations. The Alliance focuses on three main areas for our community: •Sustainable Development, •Habitat Reforestation, and •Environmental Education. We are proud to be a part of this immensely important cause. Please visit their website for more information monotiti.org

Ecological tourist information

  • Enjoy nature but don't chase or touch wild animals.
  • Leave everything as you found it, don't remove anything that is part of the natural environment such as rocks, shells, or plants.
  • Stay on the trails: trails are designed to prevent the erosion caused by the transit of humans on the soil.
  • Encourage responsible behavior to your family and others.
  • Report environmental damage to authorities.
  • Participate in local conservation activities.

Please, Don't feed the Wildlife: You might find feeding the wildlife to be a fascinating experience. You probably think that they need to be fed. But the truth is that you are actually harming them:

  • Feeding interferes with the wildlife's natural habits and upsets the balance of their lifestyles.
  • Wildlife can be susceptible to human diseases. They can actually die from bacteria transferred from you, that has no ill effect on humans.
  • Irregular feeding leads to an aggressive behavior towards humans and other species.
  • When we feed an animal, we are actually affecting its' natural diet. Fruits, especially those containing pesticides, can upset their digestive system or cause dental problems that can lead to death.
  • Feeding creates a dangerous dependency on humans that diminishes the wildlife's survival capabilities.
  • Contact with humans facilitates poaching and the trade in illegal wildlife and makes them an easy target for hunters.
  • Please help us spread the word, be an eco-tourist by explaining to your fellow companions. Let nature take its' own course!

Kids Saving the Rainforest

ItsMyCasa is also proud to support monkey bridges (blue ropes suspended across roads) so the endangered and beloved mono tití's can cross roads without having to go down to the dangerous and unprotected ground. It also keeps the monkeys in the area from using the dangerous electric lines to cross the road.
These bridges are provided by the organization of kids saving the rain forest. Please visit their site and help this very endangered species survive.

We are but one species on this beautiful world,
let us help protect the diversity given to us as a gift.

Pete & Terry, This house is spectacular!  The views, the wildlife and the house Casa Mono Congo was just awesome. The canopy tour was an adventure of a lifetime. 
We enjoyed the peaceful tranquility of sitting and listening to the many sounds of nature here.  The many different birds and the call of the mono congo itself!  Loved watching the monkeys playing in the trees and was fascinated by the sloth.
-Paige & Sue

This is a wonderful place to stay.  We saw and thoroughly enjoyed the howlers, the white-faced capuchins and the squirrel monkeys, especially the moms with babies.  How adorable and the squirrel monkeys in and out of the pool and wrestling on the patio floor.
We’re off to Manuel Antonio National Park but I can’t imagine anything better than what we’ve had here.
This home is a perfect place to stay!!  Thank you.
-Perdue / Pederson Group – Washington USA